Halloween Mishap

Well into the cool autumn night a house a lively house party is underway. Music, drinks, fun and mingling, Amber had brought along her close friend Melody, a lanky coyote, perhaps not a typical party goer, but she didn’t have much else going on. More surprising was Eve who accepted the offer to tag along for once. Apparently feeling a little cooped up and wanting to get out for once, having Melody there too gave her some comfort.

Unfortunate for Eve it wasn’t long until she found herself alone, hugging the walls trying to not stick out. Amber was off being sociable and you know, enjoying the party, she expected that which is why having Mel to gravitate towards gave her some comfort.

Eve and Melody hung out, sharing that out of place feeling at a party with strangers, but Melody knew that wasn’t how you have fun. After a couple of drinks she was ready to go, butting in to see what Amber was up to and meet new people.

Eve felt anxiety gnawing away at her what was I thinking, a party? me? she started to doubt her decision to come along, but she wanted to give it a fair chance. She felt awkward just standing there she had to do something, not knowing what she found herself at the table loaded up with an assortment of food for the party. Various finger foods including pizza, pinwheels, meats and cheeses, dips, and more. It was all actually pretty good, at least Eve would know.

Hardly a moment went by where she wasn’t snacking on something while trying not to stick out. The same couldn’t be said for her growing stomach which was making her top feel a bit snug. Nervous energy and tension twisted with a growing feeling of nausea permeated through her bloated gut.

It was far too late when she noticed how sparse the food table looked and just how much she had eaten. Oh fuck, oh no, why URRP a short wet sounding belch interrupted her thought. Bubbling anxiety and far too much food urged her to rush to the bathroom, catching a few looks along the way before she slipped inside and locked to door.

She leaned over the sink, drool dripping from her maw as she hung her head. Nothing came up, she swallowed and took several deep breaths to calm herself. okay, it’s fine. No one has noticed right?

Eve straightened up, stepped over to the mirror on the wall and pulled up her shirt to assess the damage.

The taut rounded form of her belly stared her in the mirror. She turned to the side, it’s gravid swell quite obvious she gave the mirror an ugly look. Yeah, I look fucking pregnant She tried to suck it and half succeeding for a moment before she felt like she was going to puke. She gave it rub, feeling the taut firmness, momentarily easing the tension of her overburdened tummy.

A soft moan slipped from her lips, that feeling though, why does it have to feel so good? her hands wandered lower, slipping past her wasteband.

NO, absolutely NOT here. Eve pulled down her shirt and composed herself, torpedoing the thought of getting off in some strangers bathroom. “nope, nope, nope” she sung to herself before she left the bathroom.

Halfway through the living room Eve overheard someone complaining about running out of snacks. She stopped and backpeddled, Her face turning red as she tried to distance herself from the scene.

“Hey, Raccoon!” the host of the party said sternly.

Eve froze in place and reluctantly turned toward him.

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about the food situation would you?” He walked up to Eve.

Eve eye’s grew wide, she shook her head, unable to move her mouth. A feeling of panic and dread overwhelmed her.

“You sure about that?” He grabbed her shirt and pulled it over the the peak of her belly.

“I don’t recall you being pregnant when you got here” He prodded her vulnerable stomach.

Overwhelmed by fear Eve panicked, acting on instinct she lashed out and sank her teeth into his forearm.

“WHAT THE HELL!” He tried to rip his arm away only to find her still clamped on. “Hrrrgh, let go you crazy bitch!” He punched her in the nose with his free hand, her bite loosened, his arm pulled free with a spattering of blood. He followed up with a kick that sent Eve off balance and onto the floor.

“fucking fat ass bitch” he growled as he retreated to deal with his bleeding arm.

Eve laid curled up on the floor with a crowd of onlookers staring at the source of the commotion.

Amber pushed through and crouched down next to Eve.

“You okay?”

Eve remained motionless, eyes squeezed shut with tears running down her face. She managed to shake her head.

Amber gently put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

“Hey, Don’t worry about it, he’s an ass.” she calmly assured. “come on, let’s get you off the floor” Amber helped her upright.

From somewhere on the other end of the house more yelling could be heard. As it grew closer a vixen was giving their coyote friend some strong words, escorted by a large mountain lion. Coming up to Amber and Eve the mountain lion gave her a final push sending her into the middle of the room.

“Amber, I caught your weirdo friend pissing in my bedroom! What the hell kind of wild animals do you hang out with?!” the vixen complained. Her ranting continued, something about new carpet, bitch, thought you were better than that. All Amber could do is run her hands over her face letting out a exasperated groan.

“Fuuuuck, why.” Amber stood up staring daggers at Melody. She felt ready to punch someone, whether that was Melody or that yapping fox.

Catching a glance of that pissed off look Melody could only hang her head in shame, slowly shifting around in a half-assed drunken pee dance.

“You three need to leave, and don’t even think about showing your face around here again.” the vixen said shrewdly.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Amber rolled her eyes, doing her best not to make things worse.

“You good to go Eve?”

Eve having snapped back to the present was trying not to laugh at Melody.

“mhm” she responded.

“You too dumbass” Amber grabbed the coyotes arm and pulled her along.

“I-I’m sooooo sorry. I uhh fffff” the coyote paused for a moment to grab herself.

“Ever consider using the bathroom like a normal person? Well you’re going to have to hold it now. I think that’s fair” Amber pushed her along out the door.

Melody could only let out a whine in response.

The troublesome trio exited the building. Eve took in a deep breath of the cool night air, stretching toward the stars. She was relieved to be out of there, honestly she should have just left earlier, maybe she could have avoided this mess.

Melody paused on the steps heading off the patio. She let out a sudden gasp, falling against the wall with her legs squeezed together. She squeezed her crotch fighting a wave of desperation.

Amber stopped, arms crossed still looking none too pleased. “You really going to piss yourself here?”

Melody closed her eyes trying to calm her overfilled bladder. “N-no, jusssst…. gimmmie a *hic*”. A few moments later she untensed and stood straight, if not a little wobbly. “ayyy, I gots it”. Amber looked suspicious of that claim. “Okay, back to my place then.”.

Amber pushed off the rail, looked over to Eve who had joined them under the lamp light, her mouth covered in blood, partly from a nose bleed and from the dude she bit. “whooooa, daaamn what habben to you?” Melody asked surprised.

“uhhhh… I think I bit someone…. and ate all the food.” Eve answered meekly. “ooh, you show ‘em who’s the alpha” melody giggled.

“sure… let’s clean that face up a litle” Amber said less amused. She pulled a cloth from her jacket pocket and did her best to wipe the blood off Eve’s face.

Home was a short and uneventful ride on the subway followed by a 15 minute walk. They cut through a street lined with food stalls and restaurants. The sights and smells had Eve’s mouth watering, this street always tested her self control. She wasn’t even hungry, but her more carnal desires said she still had room.

Seeing Melody seemed to have her need under control Amber stopped in front of a noodle shop.

“Hey, I’m going to get something to eat. You want anything Mel?” Amber asked. Melody paused a moment to think. “uh, yeah I could eat… Man actually I’m starving.”

Eve’s ears perked up, she knew she shouldn’t, she didn’t need it.

“Hey, I bet *hic* I bet I could eat waaay more than Eve” Melody joked and gave Eve’s belly a poke “no room in that lil big belly”.

Eve’s heart raced, wide eyes and biting her lip she looked up at her drunk friend. She narrowed her eyes “okay, you want to make that a challenge? You know you can’t win”.

Melody squinted back “huh?” tilting her head.

“You said you could eat more than me, sounds like a challenge.” Eve clarified. “oh, huh, it’s on!” Melody shouts. Eve lit up “Great! what will it be…”

Amber could hear trouble conspiring behind her while she pondered her order. She turned back to the troublesome two “Did I really just hear that… An eating contest?”

“Yes?” Eve sounding less than confident.

“Gonna show that black hole some hum-humilin-humildidly” Melody added.

“You’re going to make yourselves…“Amber suddenly looked defeated “you know what, fine. Go for it.”

Amber stepped in close to Melody, placing her palm over her sensitive distended bladder “But you’re still not allowed to pee.” She pressed down causing Melody to squirm and quietly whine.

She lifted her hand and smiled to herself, at least she could have some fun toying with her.

With an order of two oversized takeout bowls of ramen for the competitors in hand and a more sensible bowl of beef udon for Amber they make the short walk back to Amber & Eve’s apartment.

“where do you want to do this?” Eve asked Melody.

“I dunno, living room? throw on a movie?” melody sounding less drunk and more tired.

Eve nodded and they set their ramen down at the coffee table.

Eve pulled off her dress and melody followed suit. “ahh, that’s better. that dress was feeling a little tight.” Eve said with relief.

“Come on, I don’t see how you could possible have any room in there.” Melody gestured towards the bloated raccoon’s belly.

“There’s always room, and I could eat ramen all day.” Eve proudly patted her stomach.

“oh sure, until you spew.” Melody sat down with chopsticks and cracked open her takeout.

“pffff, that won’t happen. I’m going to enjoy this one.” Eve sat down next to her at the coffee table.

Settled in and comfortable… “Hang on.” Eve undid her bra and tossed it aside. “You think I’ll let you have the advantage?” Melody did the same. Now merely down to panties, settled in and comfortable they were ready to begin.

Amber walked in also having taken the time to strip down to something more comfortable. She flicked on the tv and got a scary movie ready to go before sitting down at the coffee table with her udon.

“ready?” Eve asked. Melody nodded. “Go.” They both jumped in eagerly slurping down noodles with broth. Mushroom and eggs, green onion, and chicken. bit by bit they noisily worked through their bowls.

“Okay, I’m not listening to this. I’m starting the movie.” Amber turned up the volume to drown out the endless sound of noodle slurping.

15 minutes later, both competitors had slowed down quite a bit. Eve still had about a third left, and she wasn’t looking too good. She was full, beyond full. She felt like a bomb ready to blow, packed tight with food. Her breathing reduced to shallow breaths, lungs fighting for room. She filled up more than she thought at the party, and now all these noodles and broth filled the space that remained.

Melody on the other hand was nearly finished, although she was looking quite full herself. Her stomach rounded out almost looking pregnant in combination with the forgotten sea of piss that bulged between her hips.

“ugh, almost…” She lifted the bowl to her mouth drinking the last of the broth and slammed it back down.

“Done!” She leaned back against the couch, cradling her stomach. *BRAAAAP* she unleashed a victorious belch. “Looks like I win.”

Eve gave her a pained expression, swallowed with some effort. “It’s not over yet… You only said you could eat more than me. I’m not done yet.”

Melody laughed “sure doesn’t look like you’re going to finish without covering the table in ramen.” Melody scooted herself up onto the couch into a slouch rubbing her belly. “oof, that was definitely too much ramen though. ugh.”

Eve looked down at her bowl. It taunted her, she couldn’t stop now. With a final push of willpower Eve picked up the pace again, quickly downing what was left in the bowl and choked down the last of the broth.

She dropped the bowl and fell backwards “ohhhhh guh…” her face scrunched up, a strong pressure built at the back of her throat. She tried to hold it down, unsure if she was going to burp or puke. Her stomach ached, what was an intense but pleasant pressure became a throbbing pain and nausea.

*hic* Her stomach contracted feebly around the mass of food. “ohhhhhh”. She frantically rubbed her stomach in vain to calm down the brewing storm.

The pressure in her throat suddenly grew, beyond her control it came. *BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP* A deafening burp thundered from her gaping maw.

Amber immersed in the movie jumped at the sound “Eve! You scared the shit out of me with that!”. “ahhhh, so much better… sorry” Eve said sounding relived. “I can’t believe you finished all that. You feel okay?” Amber asked.

Eve still felt sick, and way too full, her stomach made her belly stick out comically from her small frame, yet if she didn’t move she felt like she was in the clear.

“I think so” she responded.

“well if you say so, I’m not cleaning up any messes” Amber returned to watching the movie.

“See, always more room in this belly.” Eve touted. She looked over at Melody who absent of more alcohol and filled up on noodles was passed out on the couch, her bloated belly sticking up into the air.

“Oh…” Eve huffed. She stared down at the belly obstructing the view of her legs. No wonder I feel ready to burst. I really did it this time. She carefully rubbed in circles along the side of her stomach. “ughhh” so full, but fuck I need to get off.

Eve tried to forget about the persistent dull ache in her gut and between her legs, turning her attention back to the movie she was totally lost on at this point. It sort of worked, for her stomach at least. By the end of the movie the ache was reduced to an an intense, erogenous pressure that filled her torso and a pressure in the back of her throat if she moved the wrong way.

“Aaaamber? Can you give me a hand?” Eve called out still trying to figure out how to get up. “alright, I’m coming. Do I need to roll you to bed?” Amber shouted from the kitchen.

“Rolling is the last thing I want to do right now. Pull me up and I’ll keep the floor clean.” Eve said with her arms extended.

Amber grabbed her hands and slowly pulled her to her feet. “oof, I feel even bigger standing up.” Eve winced cradling her stomach.

Standing fully upright proved difficult with her abs pulled tight around the mass of food.

“Hey Amber…” Eve paused to gather her words “I feel really bad about what happened at the party. I should have controlled my-“ GRRRRLLK her stomach interjected with it’s own incoherent burble interrupting her thought.

Amber raised an eyebrow “Don’t worry about it. I’m just happy to see you get out more. We can talk about what happened later… go get some rest you little glutton” Amber assured her.

Eve lifted her head and nodded. Amber watched as Eve awkwardly waddled up the steps to her room, earning a head shake and smile from Amber.

Amber shut off the tv and cleaned up dinner. She returned to the couch where Melody was passed out half between laying and sitting. Her bloated belly was on full display, a closer look she could see the distinctive swell that filled the space between her hips.

“Great. She fell asleep without taking a piss.” Amber grumbled to herself.

“Hey, get up! You’re not pissing on my couch.” She shook the coyote to no effect.

“Wake up damnit.” she gave her a pinch only eliciting a small twitch.

“fuck… you better hold it until you wake up” Amber looked around for something to protect the couch with. She returned with folded up towel and did her best to wedge it under Melody. “Better than nothing.” she sighed before getting ready for bed herself.

Eve made it up the stairs, a slight detour to the bathroom to empty her bladder that her food baby pressed down on, and off to her room.

She stood in front of her wall mirror admiring just how incredibly full she was. She tried taking a deep breath, her skin tightening even more, the pressure pushing on her diaphragm made it difficult.

“oooof… “ she drummed on the tight surface drawing out sloppy sounding burble of digestive activity from the overworked organ. As she continued to rub and prod the tight furry orb her mind filled with increasingly horny thoughts. The nausea subsided and a euphoric warmth radiated from her core. She pulled down her panties, damp with arousal, clumsily kicking them off her foot paws.

Eve bit her lip eyeing the large exotically shaped dildo sitting on her dresser. Pent up desire clouded her mind, the ordinarily ornamental dick she thought to be entirely too big for her looked absolutely appetizing.

She wanted to be filled completely and without further thought she grabbed the dildo, dropped it onto the floor. It landed on it’s wide base with a loud plop, wobbling menacingly awaiting a challenger.

She pulled a bottle of lube out of the top drawer of her dresser, squatted down and gave it a slick coating. Impatient she tossed the bottle aside rubbing her sex with extra lube, an electric tingle tickled through her at the touch.

With an unsteady breath she lowered herself over the exotic dildo, the tip teased her waiting to enter. With her bloated middle blocking her view she blindly guided the dildo into place until she felt it nudge at her lower lips.

Eve readied herself leaning back onto her arms for support. slowly she eased downwards, letting the tapered tip slip inside. She rose again and eased back down letting it stretch her more with each stroke. Up and down, up and HRRRK bile rose up her throat. She fell forward onto her hands and knees, swallowing hard and quickly pulled a waste bin over. She hovered over it for a moment until she felt her stomach calm enough to move.

She fell backward, out of breath, she rubbed her stomach trying to calm down the gurgling storm of half digested food she kicked up inside. After a few minutes she felt some relief, enough to get up at least.

She scooted herself up onto the edge of the bed and worked her way to her feet.

“okay… fine I’ll take it easy belly”. Reluctantly leaned over and pulled a vibrator from her night stand “you’ll do”.

She gently rolled into bed, her belly sloshed and groaned, stirring up the mess inside. She took a breath then quickly slipped the wireless vibrator into place, ready to finish the night right.

Melody awoke from the weirdest dream disoriented and confused. Quickly it hit her, what her body had been trying to tell her all night, holy fuck I need to pee. Her bladder throbbed painfully, the pressure was intense, she felt like a bowling ball was jammed in her pelvis, pulling the skin tight around her lower belly. Still only half awake she didn’t move, only running her hand down her belly where it met a firm protrusion. She stared unable to process what she was looking at, she gave it a prod. Instantly a sharp pain of stinging pins and needles pulsed through her bladder, her core tensed desperately trying to empty the massive balloon of boiling piss.

Melody hissed between her teeth, her brain snapped to full alert. She used all the strength she had to clench down to hold back the flood.

She jammed her hand as hard against her pee hole. “no-n-not here, fffuck” a small spurt shot into her panties, her tired and abused muscles obeyed, barely managing to regain control.

With no time to spare she sprung up from the couch. “ohh, fuuuuck” she nearly collapsed from the pounding headache that hit her.

She paused for a moment then shuffled as quick as she could to the bathroom. Without further incidence she made it, flipped on the light, a flood of painfully blinding light forced her to squint.

She stumbled to the toilet, dancing to pull down her damp panties along the way.

She plopped her butt down, expecting a blissful blast of pressurized coyote piss to fill the bowl, yet nothing happened.

She looked down, her eyes grew wide at the sight, it was huge! It swelled out from her pubic bone to about an inch above her belly button, sticking out more than a few inches at it’s peak, her entire lower belly was bloated and firm crowned by the unmistakable curve of her bladder.

Did I? No… a party? she tried to piece the night back together. BRAAP. Oh yeah, the ramen. She couldn’t recall ever being quite this full before.

A lethargic pulse of her libido forced it’s way through her hazy hungover body, momentarily able to appreciate the incredibly intense feeling.

“fuck it.” She lazily rubbed her already swollen clit working up to fingering her sensitive passage. With each stroke she could swear she could feel her bladder pressing against her fingers from inside. Needy moans of pleasure filled the bathroom, rapidly escalating to the edge. Jolts of complete mind numbing electrified bliss pulsed up her spine in tune with heavy spurts of pent up piss. Each waved mixed stinging, throbbing pain of a bladder unsatisfied with intermittent relief. With one last drawn out wave of pleasure she fell back breathing heavily, slowly returning to reality that is a throbbing head ache and the searing pain in her bladder.

A quiet trickle began “oooh, there we go” gradually the flow increased and soon a loud torrent echoed from the toilet bowl. She melted in her seat, the pain faded, replaced with immense relief. ohhh, this might be better than an orgasm.