Toned Sketch


A traditional sketch done in pencil or pen. Soft shading, typically in sepia tones, are added digtially, sometimes with an additional accent color.

Pencil Drawing - Colored


A drawing done in pencil or pen, colored and shaded digitally.

Experimental Painting


A painting featuring broader brush strokes with detail limited to the focus of the painting.

Full Painting


Fully painted and refined


Terms of Service

If you're interested in something not listed here just ask and I'll be happy to work something out.
For cost of shipping, traditional art can be shipped if requested.


- Prices are aproximate. An exact number will be given after discussing the scope of work.
- Additional characters are +%60 of base price. If only part of the character is shown I may charge less.
- Going to be tuning prices as I figure things out.

What I'll draw

- general, mature, and adult themes are A-Okay.
- Ponies, anthros, quadrupeds are all good to me, but I usually don't do humans
- No problem with fetishes, but there are a couple things I don't do. See this for more detail.


you may send me a note or email