As a filly Tera enjoyed exploring the nearby forests. She had gained the trust of her parents to go out on her own so long as she didn’t go off too far, but Tera found the nearby area all too familiar, so she continued to explore deeper, finding remnants of cut stone and what might have once been a building. They filled her with wonder, though she dared not tell anyone about them lest she find herself in trouble for going out too far. One day in her travels a curious pool of water caught her eye between an outcrop of rock. It was a stone ring with mirror like pool of water, she poked her hoof into it when suddenly she was pulled in. After nearly feeling like she would drown unable to surface she found herself ejected from the pool in a completely unfamiliar area, the vegetation was different, the air different. She was completely lost. She wondered the wild landscape, losing track of the days it seemed weeks had past. She didn’t bother traveling as much, the forest seemed endless with no signs of civilization. She persisted only on what vegetation should could find that looked harmless, namely the less than palatable grasses which wasn’t much. Tired, hungry, hopelessly lost, she curled up at the base of an old tree, nestled in the roots. She cried, her family gone, exhausted, she didn’t know what to do.

A rustling of something large interrupted her moping, she picked her head up to look in the direction of the noise. A perplexing sight she could only describe as a deer on 2 legs. He had a fairly ordinary brown coat of fur, a familiar slender though more angular profile of a deer head. He wore a bulky looking backpack and what looked like a camera hung from his neck. Tera’s eyes widened and her body tensed as her gaze was met by the Deer. Both confused they talked briefly and Tera told him what had happened after deciding that he seemed friendly. The deer offered to take her home with him, not wanting to wander the forest any longer she accepted. Soon she became a permanent guest and slowly grew accustomed to her new life. Though being in this new world away from her family and everything she knew was not without it challenges.

tl;dr falls in ancient forest portal as a filly, ends up on another planet, found and more or less adopted by Orion. i

There’s a longer story with dialogue, details, and all that in the works, but I’m slow. 




Orientation: pansexual

Her situation makes it a little difficult to form a romantic relationship, but she has no reservations as to who or what that relation is with. She does find certain features attractive between different species and sexes, but the emotional bond and mutual satisfaction are what matter most to her.

Has a healthy sex drive, this is mostly dealt with by herself and her collection of toys. Not a size queen, at least for a pony, though she likes to challenge herself sometimes. Likes vaginal and anal with preference for the former.