species: Pony sex: Female
Her curiosity and love for exploration strands her in a world distant from her own. The peculiar little pony is taken in by Orion who helps her adapt. Her desire to understand gives her a knack for taking things apart and building devices of her own. She eventually finds a job as an engineer on a space station.
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species: Deer sex: Male
A quiet deer from a rural forest community, he now has an apartment in the city. He works as a free lance artist, but beyond work he enjoys taking trips out of the city to reconnect with nature, taking a camera with him to entertain his photography hobby. On one such trip he encounters a sad little pony, hopelessly lost. He offers his help and his home where she comes to live.
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species: Raccoon sex: Female
A sad and disturbed raccoon in the care of her sister Amber. She has her ups and her downs.
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species: Fossa sex: Female
A lively individual, extroverted, outspoken. Protective of her sister Eve. She makes her living as a model/sex worker which she enjoys and treats as an art form.
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species: Coyote sex: Female
A good friend of Amber. I have a few ideas in mind, but I don't have much info for her yet.
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species: Deer sex: Female
A resident of the forest she lives in a small community that believes in a simpler way of life in accordance with nature. A philosphy that has shaped who she is, but not who she wants to be. She had heard stories about a city and wonders she could hardly comprehend. Life there was dull by comparison, the desire to leave grew, but the path there was not clear.The rest of her story is still to be told. I figure her and Orion meet at some point, but that's all I can say.
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species: Fox sex: Male
A compulsive thief who has poor self control around food. He's harmless, without malice, but perhaps a little misguided.
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species: Pine Marten sex: Female
Also goes by penny ... more to come.
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Horse Lady
species: Horse sex: Female
A curvy blue-green mare reminiscent of something that crawled out of the ocean. I'd definitely like to do something with her in the future.
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